First book in ages

You know I’m interested in all the human “faults”, from severe depression and suicide to manic and sociopathic. Just as people discover my blog, I discover theirs aswel. Thank you!

Recently I stumbled upon this girl. I instantly connected with the quote she had written that goes along with the photograph. So I checked out her blog. She has written a book aswel. She says it’s fictional but so is life. I’m pretty sure it’s an accurate reality.

Read the comments on the last link I posted.

I’ve managed to get a copy, free of charge. Because hey, I’m in debt now. Hahahahaha

I really like her book so far! I’m 30 percent in and it’s causing me not to go to sleep. Maybe she figured out a way to transfer all her fucked up thoughts so that she could live again.

I’m happy to take ’em.


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Hello You! I'm just a simple mind. One who tries to share his emotions. This is nothing else than self meditation/medication. But please, comment and share your views too. Much love, yourself.

One response to “First book in ages

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I appreciate it. Hope you are still liking the novel..if you have a chance to read. :)


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