The blogging!

Yesterday I was re-reading ALL my posts for the first time. It came with mixed feelings, it’s funny how a person can change. Not in a sense of true beliefs, rather a change of direction, outlook and energy. Reading some of my old stuff made me realize how different I was at the time. It’s weird seeing the drive and commitment I once possessed  All those thoughts, driven by a fiery passion, one that reaches lightyears further than the stars. In reality however, it were just the ramblings of another madman.

I do love seeing it tough. It gives me the ability to observe myself at different stages of life. Self-reflection. A concept I very much need. Sometimes one can perceive, feel, analyze, understand, act and do things differently in the course of time. I have trouble memorizing.

P.S.: Therefore, thank you WordPress and thank you friends and family.

P.S.2: I’m talking about one blog post in particular, some others too. It’s just something I could never write right now. Funny eh?


About ME

Hello You! I'm just a simple mind. One who tries to share his emotions. This is nothing else than self meditation/medication. But please, comment and share your views too. Much love, yourself.

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  1. Anonymous

    observing how your life unfolds


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