Anxiety to Serenity

My previous reasons for anxiety:

  1. Afraid my cold turns into pneumonia
  2. Not being able to sleep
  3. Therefore a little afraid of tumbling back to mania / psychosis
  4. New job tomorrow
  5. Acting class will make matters worse

They were all false;

  1. Went to the doctor yesterday, got some pills & nose pray. It’ll be gone in no time
  2. Slept semi-steadily yesterday
  3. Not afraid of a manic episode / psychosis anymore
  4. I had to come in today and sign my contract for the job. Met some friendly people and learned how the company operates. It’ll be a “breeze”.
  5. Acting class was a blast! My character was Jesus, how fitting…

I kind of wanted this blog post to be well written. Only just got home and got 6 more hours of sleep until my first day at work.






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