What I’ve been trying to do recently is the following:

  1. Assuming everything happens for a reason
  2. Therefore observing like you’ve never observed before (wich is the hardest part)
  3. Analyzing what you see or hear
  4. Wisdom will be achieved by not letting go of new-found knowledge
  5. Repeat.

I’ll give you a little aid in how to execute each step;

  1. Arrogantly assume You’re God himself!
  2. You can’t wear the same shades you’ve been wearing all your life. Drugs are eye-openers…
  3. Go sit in the toilet with pen&paper and use your brain. Music is allowed, if not a necessity.
  4. Not letting go of new-found knowledge is hard, see pen&paper, laptops can cause too much distractions.
  5. Repeat differently

P.S.: I’m not trying to get people hooked on heroin, everything in life is a drug. You just have to know when it’s time to move on



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